Berlin’s Museum of Decorative Arts opens its doors to African fashion design and Afro hairstyling

On the 23rd of August Berlin’s Museum of Decorative Arts is opening its doors to an exhibition project devoted to the multifaceted world of African fashion design and Afro hairstyling. It’s the first time the museum will exclusively show the work of designers and artists from Africa and the African Diaspora.

Lamula Anderson of Lamula Nassuna

There is a new generation of designers rethinking “African fashion” and presenting an empowered self-image and a home-grown aesthetic. Innovative design hubs are popping up throughout the continent. Connecting Afro Futures. Fashion x Hair x Design focuses on two of these hubs: Dakar in the West and Kampala in the East. Having started in Berlin November 2018, and with two further project stations in Dakar and Kampala completed, the project returns to Berlin’s Kunstgewerbemuseum and, following the opening on the 23rd August, will be on show from 24th August – 1st December.


Connecting Afro Futures. Fashion x Hair x Design presents contemporary fashion and hair design from Uganda, Benin and Senegal. The designers and artists – Lamula Nassuna, Bull Doff, Meschac Gaba, José Hendo, Njola Impressions, Adama Paris, Ken Aicha Sy, Tondo Clothing, and Diana Ejaita – were given a carte blanche to transform their contemporary futuristic visions into installations for the Kunstgewerbemuseum – Berlin’s Museum of Decorative Arts.

Bull Doff – 54 Punk Collection

The exhibition curators are Claudia Banz (Kunstgewerbemuseum), Cornelia Lund (fluctuating images) and Beatrace Angut Oola (Fashion Africa Now).

The exhibition will be accompanied by a magalog – a fashion magazine and exhibition catalog in one. In addition to extensive visual material and fashion editorials, the Magalog contains essays, statements and interviews centred on Afro Futures and fashion, hair and design in an African context. Contributors include, among others, Claudia Banz, Sunny Dolat, Denenge Duyst-Akpem, Natasha A. Kelly, Cornelia Lund, Serubiri Moses, Mwangi Hutter, Simon Njami, Mazzi Odu, Beatrace Angut Oola, and Jacqueline Shaw.

Lamula Anderson of Lamula Nassuna


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